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Amorphic Pale band. Photo by Normarie Torres

Formed in November 2008, formerly known as The Commission, Amorphic Pale is voiced by Edwin Martinez, his guitars are heard from the hands of Ivan Lopez, Hiram Collazo on bass, and drums by Edwin Santana. Influenced by bands like Slayer, Nile, Tool, Necrophagist, The Faceless, Demiricous, Meshuggah, Dying Fetus, Pantera and The Black Dahlia Murder, Amorphic Pale begins to form his own style, nestled in the personal expectations of each member and the particular style of each one of them. Mostly affected by death and thrash metal, incorporating elements of classical and technical, with progressions in both the vocals and the instrumentation.

Amorphic Pale quickly integrated into the local scene, their music spreading like wildfire to hundreds of supporters. However, to its members it’s just beginning of their musical evolution, even those seeking a more complex sound, iconic, maximizing the potential of the band in question techniques, progressions, and exposure of each instrument, intelligently merging its entirety when composing.

The group consolidated with an aggressive and direct style. Their focus of thought is indicted on existentialism. This is reflected in their lyrics, which are written by all of its members. Amorphic Pale seeks to change the image of heavy music, which is traditionally associated with death, negativity, violence, occultism, or fashion for spreading a religious faith. Amorphic Pale seeks to spread a philosophy of life of free and rational exploration of thought itself, freed from the shackles of social systems, segmenting and collective thinking and encouraging the creation of individuals.


Amorphic Pale members. Photos by D'Massa Productions.









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Blinding Mirrors EP - Digital version

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